Run It Up on Fox Sports Knoxville | Heat will beat the Bucks?

Can Giannis Antetokounmpo lead the Milwaukee Bucks get past the Miami Heat and Bam Adebayo? The Bucks finished with the best record in the whole association and the Nigerian Freak is the favorite to win his second consecutive Most Valuable Player award.

The Heat come into a potential series with the Bucks with Bam Adebayo who is primed to take a star turn in these playoffs in the bubble. Giannis vs Bam will be the key matchup and it’s one I believe that Bam can and will win.

I’m not sure if the Bucks get through the Miami Heat. I firmly would go with the Heat in a long series against the Bucks. Bam Adebayo is the difference maker. He can play Giannis one on one and they won’t have to double. Let me see Khris Middleton try to get 25 to 30 when he’s got Jimmy Butler and Andre Iguodala hounding him everywhere he goes.”

On whether the Bucks can get past the Heat in the NBA playoffs

I had the chance to jump on the maiden voyage of Run It Up hosted by Peyton Gallaher on Fox Sports Knoxville and we got into a bunch of topics revolving around the protest that went on this week in the NBA and layers that surround it.

Heat vs Bucks is really Giannis vs Bam…can’t wait!

The Bucks will be favored against the Heat but the roster that has been put together down in South Beach is one that is primed to stop Giannis from being Giannis. With players like Jae Crowder, Jimmy Butler, Andre Iguodala to go along with Adebayo, the Heat have the bodies to build a wall in front of the Nigerian Freak. Add in good shooting from Goran Dragic, Duncan Robinson and Tyler Herro and it should be an entertaining and long series for the all of us, one in which the Heat are able to being down the Bucks.

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