Run It Up on Fox Sports Knoxville | 76ers and Doc Rivers doesn’t make much sense

The Philadelphia 76ers recently hired Doc Rivers as head coach and a lot has been made of whether he can mend the alleged personality differences between star players Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. That’s his track record…supposedly. I had the chance to go on Fox Sports Knoxville on Run It Up with Peyton Gallaher and spoke at length about how the front office and ownership had a difference of opinion on who should be the next head coach of the team but instead of either asserting their authority they instead settled on Rivers.

While the 76ers are better today just for not having Brett Brown as their coach any more, I don’t see hiring Doc Rivers as that much of an upgrade. Can you tell me what a Doc Rivers coached team looks like? Let me know in the comments.

Along with the 76ers, I chopped it up with Peyton on Kyrie Irving’s latest comments about LeBron, Steve Nash and whether he’s misunderstood or not. Game two of the NBA Finals was kicking off during the interview so we got into that, the overall greatness of one Anthony Marshon Davis and if the Heat have any chance to make this a series.

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