In The Crosshairs on LineSniper HQ | LeBron or Rondo will get more assists in the NBA Finals?

We are finally here on the cusp on the NBA Finals! It’s down to the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat. LeBron James vs his old team. Anthony Davis vs Bam Adebayo. Erik Spoelstra vs Frank Vogel. Tons of great matchups throughout this series but where do I think you can make some money? Well I jumped on In The Crosshairs and gave them some gems on who might do work down in the bubble. Can Rondo out assist LeBron in the NBA Finals? Can the Lakers get the team from South Beach outta there in five games? Will Anthony Davis be the leading scorer for the series?

Check my answers below to find out!

This series is going to be great and I know most of the betting money is going to go towards LeBron but keep an eye on Rajon Rondo in the assist department, I firmly believe he can be the leading assist man in the NBA Finals. Anthony Davis has all the tools to be the leading scorer in the series no matter who the Miami Heat throw at him.

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