In The Crosshairs | Heat will beat the Bucks

The Heat are on the verge of beating the number one overall seed in the East and a lot of blue check boys are rushing to say that they knew all along that the Heat were primed to beat the soon to be two time Most Valuable Player, Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Bucks. They are flat out lying. I can provide receipts that I was out here in the sports media streets saying that Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra were designing a roster primed to defeat the Bucks strengths, which it turns out is the Nigerian Freak running coast to coast on fast breaks.

The Heat have built a wall to block Antetokounmpo from grabbing defensive rebounds and taking off to the other end of the floor. Jae Crowder has been the main defender giving Antetokounmpo problems which was initially surprising but now after four games it’s apparent that Bossman99 is about that life.

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How much farther can the Miami Heat go? I’m not sure but I knew what Riley and Spo were cooking up when they built this roster to thwart the east leading Bucks.

Here’s another receipt of myself talking my talk. This time on Fox Sports Knoxville, I jumped on with Peyton Gallaher of Run It Up and got into my bag breaking down how the Bucks will fall to the Heat. Check it out here ->
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