In The Crosshairs | Dallas Cowboys under or over valued?

The Dallas Cowboys are always a subject for debate. Every year Americas Team is dissected from every aspect imaginable. So….it was my turn to give my thoughts on what I thought Jerry’s boys are going to do this year and if you are a Cowboys fan, you might want to prepare yourselves. I stood firm on my point that the Cowboys were over valued or overrated and even had to debate an analyst masquerading as a Cowboys fan. Good times.

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The fact that the Cowboys have the easiest schedule in arguably the worst division in the NFL is widely being used as to why the Cowboys are the favorites but when you look deeper into the schedule the back half of the schedule is super tough and the division, specifically the Eagles will provide tough competition.

Add in a new coach with a new offense, a defense that has already lost key components and the ever present meddling of owner Jerry Jones and that’s enough for me to go the other way.

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