In The Crosshairs | Can the Bucs win 10 games with Brady?

The question of whether Tom Brady can lead the Tampa Bay Bucs to more than 10 wins was posed to me this week on In The Crosshairs. With a revamped offense including the return of Rob Gronkowski and LeSean McCoy, the sports books in Las Vegas have set the line at 9.5 wins. Should you believe in the ageless wonder who devours avocado ice cream daily? Is it easy money? Is the division winnable?

So I was showed hot takes by Charles Barkley on “Inside The NBA” and Nick Wright on “First Things First” and was given the opportunity to agree or disagree with their takes. If you’re new here then get ready to experience how I go after blue check boy takes.

There’s no way you can look at this Tampa Bay revamped roster and not think they can win ten games….Somebody wants to be the first to be able to get right that Tom Brady is done. I just don’t think it’s this year”

On Nick Wright’s take that the Tampa Bay Bucs won’t win 10 games with Brady

I get into all of that plus whether the Houston Rockets can defeat the Oklahoma City Thunder without Russell Westbrook as well as some best bests of the week.

Check out the episode below!

To me there’s no way the Tampa Bay Bucs don’t win 10 games with Tom Brady at quarterback. That offense was explosive last year with Jameis Winston, now with Gronk and Shady in the fold and an attacking defense returning, no matter who else is in the division it should be easy work for the Bucs and Brady to get double digits wins off.

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