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Fear of a Black QB Planet

Ime Udoka tricked off the Nets gig? What does is mean to be a Net? Jim Irsay gave zero fucks in hiring Jeff Saturday Fear of a Black QB Planet LeBron James is point chasing Twitter Pod Twitter YouTube MERCH -> Never Forget: #phillywillALWAYSletYOUdown #blackvoicesmatter

Is Donovan Mitchell now Top 10?

Elon Musk had the timeline in a frenzy We need to take the Cleveland Cavaliers seriously The Los Angeles Clippers have been trash out the gate Can we trust the Portland Trail Blazers? San Antonio Spurs hot start Western Conference is wide open Doc Rivers diss track? The Detroit Lions wish they Jim Caldwell back …

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Bad Week For New Media

Topics: Draymond Green and New Media took some L’s Jordon Poole gets knocked out and paid 140 mil Is this the end of the line for the Habitual Nut Hitter? Deion Sanders legacy in the SWAC The real reason why the NFC East is cooking Mid QB play Daniel Snyder is fighting back Victor Wembanyama …

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Scammers and Horniness

Robert Sarver is gone Ime Udoka elbow game Brett Farve is on that Drew Brees wave Doc Rivers was hacked…allegedly   Follow:   Twitter Pod Twitter Pod IG YouTube   For all pod and video content hit up -> WWW.THEESAMD.COM   Never Forget: #phillywillALWAYSletYOUdown #blackvoicesmatter

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