Alvin Gentry was the blame NOT Zion Williamson for Pelicans

The New Orleans Pelicans were gifted Zion Williamson and got a haul for Anthony Daivs but couldn’t make the playoffs so Alvin Gentry was blamed and fired at the end of the season. But was it really his fault? I don’t feel Alvin Gentry is the blame for the Pelicans missing the playoffs. I’d look more towards Zion Williamson being the main culprit for the Pelicans squandering a favorable schedule in the bubble in Orlando more than anything Alvin Gentry did.

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Williamson played 24 games in his rookie campaign, one that was marred with injuries and conditioning issues. None of which was Alvin Gentry fault but here we are with him out of a job and the Pelicans with more questions than answers going forward.

Pelicans executive vice president of basketball operations David Griffin was quoted in a statement saying ?I?m grateful for and appreciative of Alvin?s commitment to the organization and, most importantly, the local community,? Griffin continued, ?These types of moves are often about fit and timing, and we believe now is the right time to make this change and bring in a new voice.?

If you draft a top prospect number one overall and he only plays a quarter of the season while you adjust to a roster overhaul built upon the fact that the main player you came to the job to coach wants out because he had no significant help during his career….if that team struggles, should you be held responsible?

That was the hand dealt to Alvin Gentry with the Pelicans I have no clue why he is getting the blame for the majority of the problems that were out of his control.

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