I’ve been content creating way before it was a buzz word. Since I was a little boy, growing up in South Jamaica Queens, I’ve created, hosted and produced everything from mixtapes, sports shows and comedy skits to  music video parodies. 

That passion led me to get multiple degrees in media and I now boast a 13 year media career. Over those years I’ve been a Producer, Director, Technical Director, Associate Producer, Associate Director, Robo Camera Operator and Technical Manager. My path has allowed me to work at such events as The Super Bowl where I won my first Emmy. I’ve also worked at The Final Four, multiple NBA Playoff games and numerous majors on the PGA Tour.

My skills on the mic have garnered praise as well.  I’ve been nominated twice for Best Black Sports Podcast of the Year (2020 and 2021). In addition to that, I’ve co-hosted an all NBA Podcast on Fanduel, appeared weekly on ESPN Radio, made guest appearances on SiriusXM and CBS Radio as an Analyst. 

Credentials aside, my content is filled with high levels of acumen, humor, natural contrarianism and a unique yet logical sensibility. 

Whether podcasting, writing or shooting visuals (videos or photos) I have a tremendous aptitude and an innate feel for creating. 

In the words of Khujo from Goodie Mob:

“Listen to me now…Believe me later on” 


Thee Sam D

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